Sample processing in the collection tube

FibroTrap™ is a fibrinogen-based technology allowing the highly specific separation and efficient concentration of target molecules from liquid samples within a simple, routine sample collection tube.

This greatly simplifies the sample processing workflow, improves sensitivity and significantly shortens the time taken from sample collection to results analysis, thus enabling affordable and efficient diagnostics. The FibroTrap™ platform is applicable on a wide variety of matrices (blood, urine, swabs, food) to isolate a large spectrum of targets (bacteria, viruses, tumor cells, etc.). It is perfectly suited to high value markets like molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, circulating cancer cell isolation and food safety. Current tests are available for MRSA and CT/NG detection.

Competitive advantages:

  • Streamlined sample processing: seamless workflow for target isolation.
  • Sensitivity: setting new efficiency standards for target identification in diagnostics.
  • Versatile: applicable on virtually any matrix and for any target.
  • Time and cost efficient: key in diagnostics setup.

Status: Platform sold to Debiopharm International SA, June 2015.