Who we are

Spinomix is a Swiss technology platform company providing innovative sample processing solutions to the life sciences sector. Based at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the company is building the new gold standard for the processing of biochemical substances. Its products capture and extract samples at a quality and efficiency far superior to current practice, thus enabling more efficient diagnostics. The company’s main focus is on applications which are critical for treatment decisions in a variety of human diseases. Other applications target markets such as animal health and food safety. Spinomix’ products MagPhase™ and FibroTrap™ improve the accuracy and time taken to obtain meaningful results from samples that are highly heterogeneous and notoriously difficult to analyse (e.g. blood, urine, swabs and food matrices).

Today many aspects of sample processing are still labour and time intensive. Therefore, there is a significant opportunity for Spinomix’s technologies to streamline the process. We are targeting double-digit growth markets such as nucleic acids extraction, believed to be worth $2 billion; cell separation growing to over $2.5 billion; food safety at over $2 billion; and molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases estimated at $2.7 billion.

Our current approach is to concentrate on product innovation and market validation. We have collaboration agreements in place and are conducting validation programs of our products with key market players in research and industry. Our goal is to develop these collaborations into strategic commercial partnerships to license our products.

To date we have raised CHF 5.5 million equity finance through a select group of private investors and with the support of Debiopharm, the Swiss-based biopharmaceutical group.