Affordable highly versatile automation at the bench

MagPhase™ brings seamless automation of complex analytical procedures to every bench. It combines in a unique system the proven industry standard magnetic beads technology with the miniaturization brought by microfluidics systems.

MagPhase™ provides users with both high analytical performance and unmatched automation-driven flexibility and efficiency, thus enabling them to explore new avenues in assay processing for life science research and diagnostics. The MagPhase™ technology allows the transfer of all existing magnetic beads applications onto an easy to use low cost disposable cartridges-based system. This opens a USD multi-billion market for a number of applications amongst which we are currently focusing on nucleic acid extraction and cell separation.

Status: Finalizing specifications for serial product development and manufacturing

Competitive advantages:

  • Fully automated: integration of complex analytical procedures in an easy to use compact system.
  • Modular: suited to fit different throughput needs with true random-access automation capability.
  • Flexible/versatile: one system covering different assays, applications, sample sizes and types.
  • Affordable and cost efficient design: enabling automation at every bench.