Joerg H. Hohnloser, MD, PhD

Dr Joerg Hohnloser has 25 years of experience in the medical field with a focus on Endocrinology, Oncology and Medical Intensive Care, including research and teaching, and was involved in the development and maintenance of medical IT systems in Germany and the US. His current roles are mainly in the area of business development, M&A and strategic direction of the groups of which he is a shareholder. Joerg is currently managing and principal shareholder of the Cleanpart group, a leading international engineering services firm which he built from a single-location operation in Germany to a market leading group with 12 locations in Germany, France and USA. The Cleanpart group is involved in the cleaning, advanced coating, replacement, design and overall refurbishment and life cycle management of recyclable components from advanced production systems in the semiconductor and related industries (Solar, Healthcare/Biotechnology, Automotive, optical etc.). Cleanpart is also involved in medical instrument sterilization (CSSD) hospital services. Joerg is the principal shareholder, director and audit committee member of Frontken Group (FCB), a Malaysian public engineering services group with 16 locations throughout Asia. He received his medical training at the University of Ulm, Germany and at Stanford UCSF, received his M.D. from the University of Ulm and PhD (Medical Informatics) from the University of Munich (LMU), Germany.